Nov, 11 2022


What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

A Hair Transplant is a procedure, in which a Plastic Surgeon moves hormone-insensitive hair from the back to a bald area of the scalp. The surgeon usually moves hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head.

Here is the most adorable HAIR TRANSPLANT surgery journey to show you how amazing could be a little step that can give you a new appearance and style without any side effects of medicines or too many expensive hair care products.

This is one of our enthusiastic patient’s journeys of the hair transplant surgery done by Dr.Vivek Gupta at The Aesthetic World in South Delhi.

Consultation with the doctor

In the initial consultation, the surgeon takes the history of your hair loss, reviews your family history of hair loss, evaluates your hair, and diagnoses the reason for your hair loss.

The surgeon assesses your lifestyle and discusses your expectations and goals for surgery.

Precaution should be taken before surgery

  1. You need to stop smoking for 2 weeks before the surgery to have the best result
  2. Some medications may have to be stopped before surgery. Any medications should be disclosed to your doctor.
  3. Don’t have spicy food the night before surgery.
  4. Do wash your Hair with shampoo for two days before the surgery.
  5. If diabetic, sugars should be under control.
  6. Always tell your allergies to your doctor.
  7. Hypertensives should have controlled blood pressure.

Investigation before the Surgery 

Some routine blood tests are needed like: CBC, RFT, PT, APTT, Random Blood Sugar, HBsAg, HCV, HIV, and ECG(EKG), in all cases. These are simple tests to make sure that there are no undetected medical issues that could complicate surgery.

 On the day of the Surgery 

  1. The patient should be on a light diet and fluids are allowed.
  2. It's a simple surgery where most of the patients sleep or watch television during the surgery. 
  3. Before surgery, the doctor will go over the plan once more. 
  4. After pre-consultation, the doctor discusses your expectations, marks your hairline, and shows it to you. 
  5. Antibiotics are given before surgery.
  6. Vitals checks are done before taking the patient to OT.

This is the picture of the patient marking before the surgery. the front area where we have to transplant the Hair grafts and the Donor Area from where we will take Hair grafts.

During Surgery 

After thoroughly cleaning the scalp, painting with betadine is done, and to numb the area, local anesthesia is used for blocking the nerves.

Using the method FUE (follicular unit extraction)/ FUT( follicular unit transplant)  or combination method, the Surgeon takes the hair follicles straight from the back of the head through small punches.


The surgeon makes slits to place hair grafts using needles. The surgery takes 2 to 6 hours depending on the grade of hair loss. After the surgery is done, the surgeon do the dressing which the patient can hide by wearing a cap.


This picture is of the patient after surgery under Local Anesthesia.

What happens After Surgery?

The Head wash is done after 3 days of surgery. 

After the surgery, you have to take some painkillers and some antibiotics to prevent infections.            

Take anti-inflammatories to keep swelling down as prescribed by the surgeon.

Things not to be done After Surgery?

  1.  Do not wash your Hair after surgery for 3 days              
  2.  Avoid drinking alcohol 
  3.  Avoid smoking after the surgery for at least 14 days.
  4.  Avoid heavy work out for  14 days.
  5.  Avoid taking any massage and putting oil over your scalp.
  6.  Avoid sun or ice directly on the scalp.


It's typical for transplanted hair to fall out 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure. Do not worry about that because it will make way for new hair growth.


It takes 3 months for visible growth and within 8 to 9 months, the patient's hair gets synchronized with the growth pattern of the rest of the hair.

New hair look depends upon your scalp laxity, the density of follicles, and hair quality.

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